No One’s Taken You Seriously…
But We Will.

Nestled in the quiet countryside of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, the Clymer Healing Center stands as the physical embodiment of an almost half-century commitment to provide recovery and care for patients with Adrenal Fatigue.

Clymer Healing Center has helped:

  • 12,000+ Patients
  • In 52 Countries
  • On 6 Continents
  • For 47 Years

No one can claim this track record or experience.

This vast experience continues to refine further and confirm the effectiveness of our unique Adrenal Fatigue healing protocol.

In the video below, Dr. Neville shares his personal reflections on the health battles that led him to Clymer.

We can help … no matter where you are.

Our patients are nationally and internationally based; if you are within traveling distance, however, a visit to our friendly clinic can provide welcome respite from impersonal hospital environments and doctors’ offices.

In over 300,000 patient interactions in 52 countries since 1969, we’ve learned a great deal about how to care for patients with Adrenal Fatigue and how to do it successfully … even from afar. Every day, Dr. Neville has consultations with patients in one of three ways:


If you know (or strongly suspect) your adrenals are the real source of health problems that only seem to be getting worse and more debilitating, we’re so happy you found us.

Have you seen a parade of doctors and specialists?

Have you endured countless tests?

Yet still, today, no one seems to know what’s wrong or how to help you?

It’s exhausting… mentally draining… and it forces you to live inside a whirlwind of stress and anxiety. You never seem to be able to find relief.

What’s at the root of your debilitating fatigue? … Thyroid disorders? … Severe menopausal symptoms? … Anxiety? … Multiple Chemical Sensitivities? … Insomnia?

These articles are a good first step on your path to education and healing:

None of this is your fault.

If this sounds all too familiar, we have one important message for you: It’s not “all in your head.”

Many of our patients find us after having been mistreated and mishandled by the mainstream medical establishment. In contrast, the staff at Clymer Healing Center knows you are suffering with a very real and serious condition that makes daily life incredibly difficult.

Our singular study of this condition has concluded that unless you heal your Adrenal Fatigue, true and lasting relief is impossible. When you finally do address the root cause of your symptoms, however, life can improve.

Even if it seems unattainable to you right now, you truly can get your life back and start to live again.

Get Your Life Back! Reach Out To Us.


  • I have been suffering from Insomnia for 4 years. I know suffer from anxiety as well. I need help.

    • Hello Mita. The first step to learning more about what we do is to complete our application. Then we’ll set up a call with you to discuss our services and determine if we’re a good fit for one another. We look forward to connecting with you soon! – Michele :)


  • My daughter is having thyroid problems wounder if it could be her adrenal ? How can we get her checked ..she’s 20 yr an she said mom I just want to know what’s wrong with my body .??

    • Thanks for your question, Lisa. Thyroid symptoms are absolutely rooted in Adrenal Dysfunction. Unfortunately most doctors don’t understand that very important connection and therefore are unable to offer much help. Dr. Neville will “connect the dots” for you and your daughter and help her to heal the underlying cause of her frustrating symptoms. You can read more about the connection here: http://www.healing.org/symptoms/thyroid/

      Please reach out to us if you’d like to consult with Dr. Neville.


  • I have hypothyroidism and I can sleep for hrs and still feel tired I have no energy and have been in synthroyd for many yrs, I am so tired of feeling like this.

    • Hi Lacie, sorry to hear that you’re suffering. It is likely that your thyroid isn’t the main problem. You’ve got to get your adrenals checked and then fixed for your thyroid (and energy) to have a chance. We’re happy to help. -Dr. Neville

  • I was being treated for adrenal fatigue for years on a low hydrocortisone dose and doing well. Then a couple of years ago the pharmacy messed up when they filled my Rx and gave me a way to high dosage. Now I am completely dependent on this medication. Can not seem to figure where my dosage should be. I’ve ended up in adrenal crisis several times, can’t seem to get on top of it. Do you help people with Addison’s Disease?

    • Hello Anne, your situation is all too familiar to me; I hear stories like yours on a regular basis. First off, I’m not sure that from your brief description that you truly have Addison’s disease. It may simply be that your system is suppressed, but with proper guidance and care you can be weaned off of hydrocortisone and that your adrenals can rebound. Even if you did have Addison’s, your treatment needs to be more comprehensive and rounded out than simply being on steroid replacement. As you know now, this stress response system is incredibly dynamic and sensitive, and every effort should be made to nurse it back to balance. All my best. -Dr. Neville

  • Hello, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a result of contracting the Epstein Barr virus in 2004. I have tried multiple doctors, treatments, and holistic care. I suffer with it everyday, and if anything, it is getting worse. What kind of treatments do you do for CFS?

    Thank you,

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