Dr. Andrew Neville

Why Choose Me As Your Doctor?
“My Personal Journey with Adrenal Dysfunction”
by Andrew Neville, ND

As is true with most of you, the journey that landed me at Clymer Healing Center was a circuitous one. I suffered from Adrenal Dysfunction for many years prior to discovering what condition I actually had. I didn’t discover the underlying cause of my symptoms until I attended naturopathic medical school. I now know that I attended medical school for selfish reasons; it was an effort to figure out what was going on with me and my health.

I decided to pursue alternative medicine, not because I was raised that way, and not because I was I drawn to it for any altruistic reason. I pursued alternative medicine because, like many of you, conventional medicine failed me. No doctor I ever visited was able to define my problem fully, or to help me significantly with my health, until I stumbled upon the work of my mentor, Dr. Poesnecker. Certainly, I had experienced some small peaks in the valley of Adrenal Dysfunction: I would benefit temporarily from yet another antibiotic, or my symptoms would be relieved by some chiropractic adjustments; I was, however, never healthy, never far from the next crash, and always at the mercy of my condition’s uncertainty, its unpredictability.

My Path to Healing

During my time at Bastyr University, I worked in the university library where I was able to read and review much of the work of naturopathic medicine’s pioneers. In addition, whenever I was required to do additional focused research on a project or a condition, I inadvertently (serendipitously) chose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia. To this day, I am amazed that I didn’t notice my pattern of research. This is the path that led me to discover Dr. Poesnecker’s book, The Adrenal Syndrome (now called Chronic Fatigue Unmasked 2000), deep in the recesses of the Bastyr library.

Upon reading Dr. Poesnecker’s book, to say “a light bulb went on” would be the understatement of the decade. I was both elated and angry for some time. Why had no one mentioned this dysfunction before? I had access to and had sought help from some of the best doctors in my profession, and still no one was able to explain the significance of the Adrenal Dysfunction that I so obviously had, for so many years. Years and years of trips to countless practitioners, both conventional and otherwise, and no one had ever mentioned the possibility?

I found Doc’s book, and, as I’ve heard so many patients relate to me since, I thought he was talking about my life. I thought he was talking to me. This book synthesized everything I had been experiencing for over twenty years, but which no one could ever explain. Reading this book was my ’light-bulb‘ moment.

Dr. Andrew Neville

In 2002, after finishing naturopathic medical school, I came to the Clymer Healing Center to study, research, and complete a residency with Dr. Poesnecker. I was committed to healing my own Adrenal Dysfunction—to learn everything I could about this disorder, so that I could heal myself and then help others—and I remained under Dr. Poesnecker’s tutelage until 2004, when Dr. Poesnecker passed away.

I was in Dr. P’s back pocket every minute of every day that I was with him, and the experience serves me to this day. I am indebted to his guidance, his wisdom, and his pioneering spirit.

Dr. Andrew Neville.

At Clymer Healing Center

Since then, and for over a decade, I have dedicated myself to assessing and healing those with Adrenal Dysfunction. My patients are from all walks of life; they hail from a mile down the road here in Quakertown, PA, to South America, Australia, and Europe; every person’s story is unique, and yet all of us share consistent overall narratives concerning this extremely frustrating disorder. My mission—the goal of this website—is to dispel the myths surrounding Adrenal Dysfunction and CFS and to impart to you my knowledge about what it is, why it’s misunderstood, and how to heal from it.

We all heal differently and in our own time, as we are all unique beings. Ultimately, I want you to be able to treat yourself, now and in the future, and to heal on the deepest level possible.

I can help you uncover the true cause or illness and help you to heal once and for all. I will guide you to live calmly, pain-free, to sleep deeply, to have energy, to lose weight, to be able to think clearly again, to have joy, to have drive, to tolerate stress, and to look forward to daily life.

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