A Letter To The Loved Ones of Adrenal Fatigue Patients

Dear Friend,

If your loved one has been assessed to have Adrenal Fatigue, this may be the most important letter you ever read.

The best way for patients to heal from this ubiquitous, frustrating, and misunderstood condition is with support from those closest to them.

Adrenal Fatigue is caused by underlying biochemical fatigue associated with a weakening of one’s “stress response system.” The imbalance and weakness in the adrenal system cause the signs and symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia; this connection is well documented by current conventional research.

Clymer Healing Center has assisted over 12,000 patients in 52 countries for 47 years. For over 15 years, I have consulted with adrenal patients on the phone, via Skype, or in my office. The treatment of Adrenal Fatigue is what I do, all day, every day.

Adrenal Fatigue develops because of a combination of genetic vulnerability and enough chronic stress to overwhelm such genetics. This condition takes many years to develop, and the early symptoms are often medicated by well-meaning, yet narrow-minded doctors.

Upon evaluation of their medical history, it’s obvious that my patients are typically overachievers that have pushed themselves beyond their capacity to adapt to the stressors of life; as a result, they are now underachieving. Ultimately, these maladapted stressors take a toll on the adrenal glands and stress response system and cause this syndrome to proliferate.

Your loved one has pushed herself and “faked it” for too long; she is suffering from complete burnout.

This burnout is akin to a zebra in the wild running from a cheetah. The natural experience is designed to last less than a minute, after which the zebra curls up and recovers for a few days. Your loved one has been “running from cheetahs” for years—not minutes—with no respite or recovery.

The primary job of the adrenal glands is to balance the stress response of the individual; they are, however, also the primary control of the immune system, inflammation (pain), and blood sugar, as well as many other homeostatic mechanisms in the body. Also, the strength of the adrenal glands often dictates the energy level. Due to the imbalance in this stress response system, it is imperative that the adrenal patient control and minimize stress of all kinds.

Stress comes in many forms: the mental pressure of a career or from an employer, the loss of a loved one, psychological upset, decision-making, discord within the family, perceived lack of love, etc. Other stressors include the physical stress of a standard American diet (sugar and processed foods devoid of nutrition), blood sugar imbalance, hormone imbalance, spinal misalignment, and pain. The origin of the stress is not the real issue; the crux of the issue is what the adrenal patient perceives as stress and the subsequent response that elicits. Adrenal patients will have an increased stress response to events that the majority of people handle easily.

So that those who do not suffer from Adrenal Fatigue might understand this, I often will propose a simple exercise for emphasis. I will ask that one considers the last close call he had in a car, getting cut off in traffic, for instance. Now I will ask that he feel that response: feel the blood bound into muscles, heart, and lungs; feel eyes dilate; feel the palpitations; feel the sweat, the queasiness, the sense of fear and panic. I will ask that he then continue to hold on to that experience and add to it the aches, pains, and debilitating fatigue of the last bad flu he had. If he can imagine this, then he can imagine how it is to be an adrenal patient twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Our decades of experience and hundreds-of-thousands of patient interactions here at Clymer have taught us that our patients are not malingerers. There is no greater desire of our patients than to be able to return to a fulfilling, active, and productive life. For those reading this letter, you know your loved one not to have a “lazy” bone in his or her body.

If there is a fault with my patients, it is a tendency to force themselves prematurely back into the lifestyle that they enjoyed before developing CFS/Adrenal Fatigue. This tendency to return to “normal” too soon then causes a relapse in their condition. Time and proper care are needed for recovery. My patients need to make changes in activity judiciously and gradually to prevent any recurrence of their condition and allow space for the neurohormonal system to adapt to each new situation, stress, or demand.

In time, I expect my patients to recover completely; however, the degree to which and speed with which patients recover from this condition is quite variable. We do find that the patients who can ultimately attain the most rest and relieve themselves of the most external stress tend to improve the most quickly. As much downtime and respite—and as soon as possible—is warranted.

Friends and family play an incredibly important role in the lives and recovery of adrenal patients. I will reiterate here that it is cumulative stress that tends to get these patients into trouble, and typically not any one stressor; however, on a basic level, friends and family are either alleviating stress or contributing to it, and we must assess which one is occurring. I continuously counsel my patients to do their best to mitigate or control every possible stress that they can, and this is where we, as friends and family members, can finally help our loved ones.

We need to do our best to accept, unconditionally, what stress is in the patient’s mind (as ridiculous as those stressors may seem to us at times) and do our best to control this stress. These stressors can seem inconsequential or innocuous: answering the phone, seeing clutter in the house, attending a get-together with friends, taking a walk, or even the lack of touch from a loved one. I understand that this concept can be challenging to comprehend fully, but know that this is the rule with adrenal patients.

Pushing your loved one to “snap out of it” is not the solution; in fact, it worsens her condition by adding guilt to the mix, a crushing stressor she just can’t handle right now. It’s time for support and understanding, not abandonment and criticism.We at Clymer Healing Center have come to know this as truth through the treatment of many thousands of patients with this frustrating condition.

A simplistic but appropriate view of this condition is that treatment of the patient must outpace the stress of the patient; if the patient and I can accomplish this for a long enough period, recovery is possible. The speed and depth of recovery are directly related to these two arms of care: 1) reducing or eliminating external stress; and 2) the patient’s ability to rest, get quality nutrition, and be steadfast with our treatment protocols. If time and care are taken, and patience is used, there is no reason that the patient cannot recover fully.

Each patient is different, and while the overall nature of the adrenal patient is universal, there is absolutely no “one-size-fits-all” approach to healing. My treatment plans are individualized. Since most of the concepts are new to my patients (or at least have been incorrectly managed in the past), a team of support while healing is necessary. Depending on the patient’s medical history, current symptoms, sensitivity-level, diet, social support, and my nuanced assessment of any testing, I may use the following in the patient’s treatment plan:


  • Providing guidance and tools to help strengthen and foster the patient’s relaxation response.
  • Providing outside resources to balance and rest the overworked stress response system.


  • Dr. Neville works on an “energy-giving” diet, based on individualized, personalized dietary recommendations, to create the patient’s own best “low stress” plan.

Natural supplements of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to assist in:

  • Controlling symptoms: utilizing natural methods with less reliance on pharmaceutical medications if possible.
  • Controlling adrenal function by repairing cellular function and appropriate receptor sensitivity with various fatty acids and phospholipids.
  • Supporting and rebuilding the adrenals using precursors, vitamins, cofactors, and possibly physiologic bioidentical hormone replacement.
  • Replenishing the nutrients lost from chronic, perpetual stress and adrenal hormone output.
  • Repairing the general damage done to the body by the adrenal hormones by supplying various antioxidants.
  • Supporting and healing the organs that have been damaged over time: immune support, digestive support, ovarian/testicular hormone support, and, possibly, thyroid support.


  • Being available for the patient throughout the treatment protocol.
  • Making it easier for the patient to comply with treatment plans by answering any questions or concerns during treatment.

I hope this letter helps you understand what your loved one is going through daily. There are proven ways to help and get them back to their best.

Andrew Neville, N.D.

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    • There is no one size fits all- each patient receives an individualized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs so the supplements that Dr. Neville recommends are different for each patient. The first step to individualized care with Dr. Neville is to complete our application. -Paula http://www.healing.org/apply/

  • Hi I’m wondering if you can help me. I am all holistic and I do NOT cave to conventional medicine or practices. I am seeing an acupuncturist (Smithtown accu- puncture and wellness Ken Moss) who was treating me for various ailments with the prime focus on Lyme and ALL its co-infections. I was TOTALLY healed of Lyme in 6 months from diagnosis to remission using only acupuncture NAET method and pulsing supplements of banderol and Samento with biofilm and transfactor capsules. Lyme disease is now gone verified thru blood testing. However now strongest hurdle is adrenal dysfunction/fatigue (treating my basal ganglia) with hormonal disturbances, candida overgrowth, chronic fatigue, and epstein barr. I have been out of work more than im in, and facing discipline for “overuse of my intermittent fmla” (I decontamination and sterilize surgical instrumentation for operating room at state hospital her in NY Stonybrook lifting 20-50lb orthopedic surgical trays and on my feet 8 hours straight) I have to go to hearing to determine the outcome which shouldn’t be penalized for since I have proper documentation for my absences from my dr. I want to get well! I’m 43 and feel like I’m 93. I have a 13 and 5 yr old daughter who need my attention. I am always exhausted and sleep anywhere I can. I actually look forward to sleeping more than sex! My marriage is in the,dumps because of this as he’s running the kids everywhere and my libido is gone. Can you help me at all? I feel like I’m drowning in this sea of infirmity! Thank you!

    • I’m sorry you’ve been struggling for so long, Victoria. I understand how frustrating it can be to self-navigate all the confusing symptoms. With individualized care you can get back on track. The first step is to complete our application. We’ll reach out to you after we receive it to set up a call with one of our Patient Coordinators. She’ll be able to answer any questions you have about consulting with Dr. Neville. We look forward to connecting with you soon Germaine http://www.healing.org/apply/

  • Thank you… thank you… thank you!! This describes the struggle so well. My friends and family try to understand, but they really don’t have a clue… and that comes out in the looks between them and comments (e.g. “Sometimes you just have to push through things.”).

    • I’m so glad the article resonated with you! There are so many people, like you, suffering unnecessarily because most doctors don’t work to heal the underlying CAUSE of your frustrating symptoms. Please reach out if we can help. ~Paula

    • Hi Kathy, We will be happy to discuss how things work here at Clymer and answer all your questions during a call with one of our Patient Coordinators. The first step is to complete our short application. We look forward to connecting with you soon! – Paula

  • I have been tested for adrenal problems 24 hour urine, 8 hour cortisol and my doc said i am fine.2out of 3 – 24 hour urine came back high i do feel like i have a problem but he said no, I am feeling stressed all the time i hurt tired and moody

    • Hi Kathy, I’m glad you reached out because your story is quite familiar to us. I’m so sorry to hear you are suffering unnecessarily. With proper testing and individualized care you can heal your entire stress response system and get back on track- you just need expert guidance. Here’s our application to get you started. -Jennifer http://www.healing.org/apply/

  • All of the symptoms you mention in your video, I seem to have tenfold. The stressors I live with are almost beyond imagining. My thyroid was removed at age 14 due to a goiter. I’ve had to fight drs for the past 37 yrs to get someone to give me natural thyroid hormones. I had an accident at work resulting in a surger, two years ago. My breathing declined to only 32% which has disabled me from working and rendering me to oxygen 24/7. Never having recovered from having to watch drs kill my father in front of his family 13 yrs ago, we had to watch him suffocate to death from an aspersions event on a bi-pap. The fibromyalgia I’ve lived with has been basically laughed at by ‘specialists’ and the muscle pain is unreal. All of this was with trying to work, live, protect my children and deal with a sadistic police officer husband of almost 30 yrs. My second husband turned from Prince Charming to an emotionally cruel narcissist. The divorce is pending along with the foreclosure of my home. My daughter was found dead in her place of business with a conflicting autopsy and the ME telling me that it is a ‘criminal investigation’ while the responding city PD has closed her case as accidental. I have a city official advising me to appeal to the FBI for assistance. The testing that my internal Med dr has done has revealed that my adrenal/cortisol levels are ‘flat lined’ or ‘0’, my sex hormones are at ‘0’, along with the instability of the thyroid replacement treatment, the breathing issues are a major depressor. My career as a state heavy highway construction inspector (30 yrs) that I worked SO hard to achieve may be over. These issues are trying to be treated with replacement therapies that I don’t feel are working. My hair is falling out at the rate you would see a chemo patient in a movie deal with along with major insomnia and brain fog. I’ve also been diagnosed with extremely high levels indicating internal candida, and been put on an anti-fungal Rx and candida diet. I’ve lost 30 lbs. The stress, depression, and pain that I live with are debilitating. I don’t want to get out of bed. I can’t take anymore of this reality! All I’ve EVER wanted was for someone to FIX ME! I have NO life at this point, it seems that I only exist to take medicines to help all of these issues that I don’t believe any medical professional that I’ve seen over my lifetime has the first clue on how to treat, cure, or even stabilize at this point. I’m only 53 yrs old and I have SO much life to live…and, I can’t. Can you help me….

    • I’m sorry you’ve been struggling for so long, Lisa. You’ve clearly been through a lot. I understand how frustrating it can be to self-navigate all the confusing symptoms. With individualized care you can get back on track. The first step is to complete our application. We’ll reach out to you after we receive it to set up a call with one of our Patient Coordinators. She’ll be able to answer any questions you have about consulting with Dr. Neville. We look forward to connecting with you soon ~Paula http://www.healing.org/apply/

    • Hello Saundra,
      This is a really good question, as it is difficult for people who have never suffered from this to understand how it feels. Your desire to help is a great first step! Being patient with your daughter, encouraging her to follow Dr. Neville’s recommendations, and reminding her that things will get better are great ways to help. Remind her to rest, and not do too much, even when she feels good. Pacing herself is very important. Best wishes! – Germaine

  • My Dr said that my body is acting like it’s allergic to my adrenal glands. He thought mine was sluggish and told me to order a adrenal supplement. When I picked it up from the mailbox I was instantly sick. Every time I got near the bottle I felt like I was on a ship and very ill. He treated me with acupuncture and it lasted a few months but it keeps recurring. Any ideas?

    • HI Barbara, unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” to heal Adrenal Dysfunction. Dr. Neville’s approach is multi-faceted and tailored to your specific needs. If you’d like to find out if we’re a good fit for one another, please complete our application. ~Paula http://www.healing.org/apply/

  • I would love to know how much these consultantations cost Because I have been suffering for years and spent over 70,000 to get better No success!!!

    • Hi Tammy,
      We will be happy to discuss how things work here at Clymer and answer all your questions during a call with one of our Patient Coordinators. The first step is to complete our short application. We look forward to connecting with you soon! http://www.healing.org/apply/ – Paula

  • Some of that sounds like me. My thyroid basically quit on me after I had my daughter 26 years ago and I’ve been on levothyroxine ever since, I’ve had issues with chronic pain from a botched back surgery and have spent most of my childhood, teens and into my 20s on and off prednisone for asthma. What can I do

    • Hi Sandie, The thyroid and adrenal glands are intimately connected. Quite often well-meaning doctors treat the thyroid before identifying or addressing the ever-present underlying adrenal dysfunction, which is akin to cranking up an engine without the oil and gas to fuel it. People may feel temporarily better, but it makes things worse in the long run. Please complete our application, we may be able to help. http://www.healing.org/apply/ – Germaine

  • How do you test for adrenal fatigue? I have suffered from fatigue for 20 years now & it has progressively gotten worse. I have had my thyroid checked numerous times, I recently had am MRI to rule out MS, my iron level & hormone levels are within normal limits. I’ve tried multiple supplements over the years with no improvement.

    • Hi Kristi, Dr. Neville believes that you know your body better than any doctor or test- always trust that. If you feel “off” then it’s likely you’d benefit from a more comprehensive approach that targets the underlying cause of your fatigue. Many doctors are unaware of the value in saliva testing. The Clymer Healing Center has been using the Chronobiologic Salivary Cortisol Test and Comprehensive Phase Evaluation for decades in order to pin point individual needs. Dr. Neville makes saliva testing available to his patients. Please complete our application if you’d like more information about consulting with Dr. Neville. 🙂 Germaine http://www.healing.org/apply/

    • Hi Bill, We are located in Quakertown, PA. No need to worry if that’s not local to you. Over 50% of Dr. Neville’s patients are “distant patients”- they work with him via phone or Skype. We’d love to set up a time for you to speak with one of our Patient Coordinators; you’ll have plenty of time to speak with her and get all your questions answered. The first step is to complete our short application. http://www.healing.org/apply/ We look forward to connecting with you soon! – Jennifer

  • I can relate to every one of the symptoms! In fact, I am now left with one adrenal gland after growing a tumor on the other. Is this something attributable to Adrenal Fatigue? Then I nearly died when a tree fell on me, breaking 12 facet joints and crushed a vertebrate as well. Removing the defective gland has not changed my symptoms which, became disabling in 1997. I have difficulty believing in can get out of the severe unrelenting pain I now must live with. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Diana, We will be happy to discuss how things work here at Clymer and answer all your questions during a call with one of our Patient Coordinators. The first step is to complete our short application. http://www.healing.org/apply/ We look forward to connecting with you soon! – Germaine

    • Hi Christina, This is a result of chronic stress throwing off the ANS and HPA response to the “stress” of standing up. We can help. If you’d like more information please complete our short application and we’ll schedule a time for you to speak with a Patient Coordinator. http://www.healing.org/apply/ We hope to connect with you soon! – Germaine

  • Hi doctor ..do treat people with Addisons ?
    I was sick for along time prob 4 years…was diagnosed with a thyroid disease but then started feeling worse. I finally ended up In er with kidney failure and hypertension and it took 10 days foe them to finally diagnose me with Addisons. My question is about the meds I have to take …i feel like there has to be a hololistic approach. Since it is a very rare disease doctors can not give me many answers .
    Thank you for taking the time to read and and we

    • Hi Joelle, The thyroid and adrenal glands are intimately connected; when there is a thyroid issue, the adrenals absolutely need to be treated. To be successful in treating Addison’s you have to widen your lens as to what and how to support, not just replace a hormone or two. We’d love to set up a time to discuss things further. The first step is to complete the short application. We look forward to speaking with you 😊 http://www.healing.org/apply/ – Paula

  • Do you work with patients who do actually need steroids? I waste salt. I’m heterozygous for CYP11B2 and MTHFR. My adrenal metabolites are low, but my clearance is sluggish, so my cortisol is fine when I’m not stressed. I have a number of chronic inflammation issues, allergies, and chemical sensitivities that end up being treated by short-term large doses of steroids when long-term low doses might better control the problem. I have central hypothyroidism and had a failed puberty. I’ve been on HRT for more than 40 years.

    • Hi Lianne, We’d love to schedule a time for you to speak with a Patient Coordinator. She will answer your questions and more. The first step is for you to complete our short application. http://www.healing.org/apply/ We look forward to chatting soon 🙂 – Germaine

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