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  • I have Hashimoto and taking 76mg Levothyroxine.
    Feeling exhausted all the time, staying home most of the time.. Symptoms are worse since having kids (4 and 2 yrs old) .. Breastfeeding still my 2 yrs old, and GP said that’s the reason I am exhausted but I had those symptoms even before kids and b’feeding helps me with my emotional side.. less feeling down etc..

    • You know your body better than any doctor and should trust that instinct. I have NEVER had a patient with Hashimitos in my office who did not have Adrenal Dysfunction. All my best. -Dr. Neville

  • I don’t know. People think I am making it up. I had my adrenals checked and am low in cortisol and have an adrenal distinction cashews by area. And. Hashimotos and hypothyroid. I am ready to give up I have done the salivary test. The full thyroid panel. My antibodies are over 6100 when they should be under 60. My doctor doesn’t believe me.

    • We know you’re not making it up- who would choose to feel so terribly?!? Dr. Neville helps many people with stories similiar to yours. Please contact us if you’d like more information about consulting with Dr. Neville. Take care :) -Germaine

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