Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD & ADHD)

The epidemic of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD) is not what you’d think, nor is it what you’ve been told by conventional medicine.

Simple physiology tells us that when a man, woman, or child chronically activates their stress response (which will result in Adrenal Dysfunction), he or she will constantly be running on excess cortisol and adrenaline.

We’ve all felt adrenaline surging through our systems at certain times in our lives. Were you ever able to sit still during that time, let alone be able to focus? Of course not.

As I explain in this video, the answer is strongly connected to the health and balance of your adrenal glands and your stress response system. Balance the adrenal hormones, and the lack of focus and hyperactivity will resolve themselves.

This chronically-activated stress response system and its resultant Adrenal Dysfunction, trigger and weaken the immune system. A weakened immune system causes the body to be over-reactive to foods and chemicals (symptoms that go hand in hand with attention deficit and hyperactivity).

It is of little surprise that the there is an epidemic of attention deficit and hyperactivity in our country. The mainstream medical community will have you believe that you need (or that your child needs) long-term, powerful stimulants as a treatment.

I can help you understand the intricate connection between your (or your child’s) “attention deficit,” immune function, and, above all, the balance of the adrenal hormones.

Contact one of our patient coordinators today. We can guide you through the maze of conventional medicine’s treatments and medications, and help you find a natural alternative to what is, quite simply, an over-reactive stress response and Adrenal Dysfunction.

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