Osteoporosis is an increasing problem in today’s society, for both men and women, leading to problematic bone fractures and hospitalizations. While calcium supplementation can help, it is not the answer. Americans, in particular, consume more calcium than most of the world; we are not calcium deficient. In order to treat the osteoporosis, we must treat the underlying cause.

Osteoporosis occurs when calcium is leached from the bone. Calcium is leached from the bone primarily to act as a buffer for acidity in the body. It might surprise you that the primary cause of acidity in the body is not eating meat. In fact, eating high quality animal proteins (meat included) helps to balance your blood sugar and remove stress. The real cause of the acidity is a chronically active stress response, and subsequent Adrenal Dysfunction, that triggers a biochemical process that creates acidic metabolic byproducts being dumped into the blood. Control the stress, treat the Adrenal Dysfunction, and halt – or even reverse – the osteoporosis!

I have had patients, who were previously diagnosed with osteoporosis, reverse this disease with my protocol within only one year. Yes, supplementation is part of this protocol, and I choose those from manufacturers with high quality control, and from whom the products have proven to be effective. But the most important part of treatment is the treatment of Adrenal Dysfunction.

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