Did you know that chronic sinus infections are one of the earlier symptoms of Adrenal Dysfunction and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Antibiotics and countless specialists who want to drain sinuses will only provide temporary relief. Drugs and surgeries for recurrent sinus infections only weaken the sinus tissue by increasing the risk of polyps and lifelong dependence on steroids.

Adrenal Dysfunction suppresses your immune system and is the root cause of recurrent sinus infections. A compromised immune system causes your body to be vulnerable to bacteria and increases your body’s antibody production. The bacteria and increased antibody production then cause increased mucus production and chronic swelling of the mucous membranes, and this leads to sinus pain.

It is essential to understand that the sinus infection is simply a symptom of Adrenal Dysfunction and not a condition in itself. Even allergies, both environmental and food, are a common complaint in patients with Adrenal Dysfunction. Why? Allergies are a result of an imbalanced immune system, which is most commonly caused by an overactive stress response and, hence, a weakened immune system over time.

Our immune system is always on alert for dangerous, infectious substances in our environment. Quite often, the immune system makes “mistakes” and triggers an antibody response to an innocuous agent (pollen, cat dander, gluten, etc.).

A balanced immune system will clear these mistakes prior to their creating a systemic and more permanent reaction. This task of the immune system is compromised in a person who has Adrenal Dysfunction. In addition, those with Adrenal Dysfunction suffer perpetual damage to the mucous membranes of the body, which compromises the integrity of our protective mucosal barriers and contributes to overall allergic potential.

To correct the problem of chronic sinusitis once and for all, we must address all facets of the issue. The strategy for rebuilding the weakened immune system is twofold:  We must balance the adrenals, and we must look for the allergens that are creating excess antibodies (thereby perpetuating the vulnerability of the immune system). Dr. Gerald Poesnecker’s article, “You and Your Sinuses,” does this subject justice in his detailed explanation of these connections.

The most commonly overlooked component of treating chronic sinusitis and immune weakness is the existence of hidden food allergies, which perpetuate the antibody production. They can be most easily identified through IgG ELISA testing. Subsequent to testing, we have to work on avoidance and the healing of the GI mucosal membranes.

For environmental allergies, we also have address strategies for avoidance, treatment of any secondary infection, as well as the rebuilding of the mucosal membranes of the body.

The protocol that Dr. Neville has developed will help you correct and maintain the health of your adrenals, immune system, and last but not least, that miserable sinusitis! Unless you address the underlying adrenal and immune dysfunctions, any treatment results will be superficial and temporary at best.

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