About Dr. Andrew Neville

An introduction by Dr. Andrew Neville

Let me first say, I am a graduate of Bastyr University School of Naturopathic Medicine and a licensed Naturopathic Doctor.

I am not an internet “doctor,” as are some of those who claim to treat Adrenal Fatigue through quick-fix programs. Adrenal Fatigue is my only area of expertise and has been for 18 years.

Consultations are by video or phone. Dr. Andrew Neville has helped thousands of people nationwide regain their energy, finally enjoy restorative sleep, and get back to an active, fun, fulfilling life. He can help you do the same.

Located in the peaceful countryside of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Clymer Healing Center stands as the physical embodiment of a half-century commitment to providing recovery and care for patients with Adrenal Fatigue.

Unprecedented Experience in the Field of Healing Adrenal Fatigue
  • 12,000+ Patients
  • In 52 Countries
  • On 6 Continents
  • Since 1969
No one can claim this track record or hands-on experience with patients.

I have benefited from my predecessors’ decades of experience, and I continue to improve upon and refine their protocols, working with patients nationwide by video or phone consultations.

In the video below, I share my personal reflections on the health battles that led me to Clymer Healing Center.

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Since Adrenal Fatigue is such a complex and often misunderstood condition, you may be skeptical. I understand. I’ve been through it.

Most of my patients find me after having been mistreated and mishandled by other “adrenal doctors,” internet personalities, or the mainstream medical establishment.

It’s exhausting, mentally draining, and it forces them to live inside a whirlwind of stress and anxiety. They never seem to be able to find relief.

Healing is not done by way of a generic approach, but rather through an individualized  protocol. It’s what works.
There is hope…

You may have seen a parade of specialists, endured countless tests, and yet, you are no better. You may have a dozen prescriptions for a dozen different symptoms, and yet, no one seems to know how to help you.

You’re no healthier, and you begin to think you’re doing something wrong.

Let me assure you: You’re not. 

The treatments, drugs, clinicians, and quick-fixes have failed you. You have not failed them.

You want answers. Now. You want to know what’s at the root of your debilitating fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue may be an “invisible condition,” but I know it’s real, life-changing, and sometimes debilitating.

My Tri-Level approach to healing encompasses all areas of your life and all bodily systems and symptoms.

You must be treated as a whole person and not as a cluster of symptoms to be “picked-off” by specialists, one by one. We must get to the root cause.

Compassionate, Expert, and Cutting-Edge Treatment

I am, first and foremost, compassionate. I get it. In fact, most of my staff have been where you may be right now, and as you saw in the video above, I suffered from my own battle with Adrenal Fatigue.

My singular study of Adrenal Fatigue has shown me the most important element of healing: finding the root cause of the debilitating fatigue, the thyroid and digestive disorders, the insomnia and depression.

Unless the Adrenal Fatigue is addressed, true and lasting relief is not possible. Healing is not done by way of a generic approach, but rather through an individualized  protocol. My program works.

If you know (or strongly suspect) your adrenals are the real source of your health problems, I’m so happy you found me. Even if it seems unattainable to you right now, you truly can get your life back and start to live again.

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  • I was a Hairstylist with a successful business and active lifestyle. I had an accident that caused a back injury in 1998 and this is where my journey begins. Because I was healthy prior to this accident I didn’t have much experience navigating through the medical world. I followed all the doctor’s orders, taking thyroid medications, hormones, etc. When the standard medical treatments didn’t work, and actually made me worse, then came the suggestions of anti-depressants.

    I didn’t want to take the anti-depressants because I didn’t feel this was the problem. I was sad because of the decrease in my quality of life, I was angry that I couldn’t get anyone to help or get to the route of the problem, but I wasn’t depressed.It was hard to remember what it felt like to not struggle to get out of bed every day, to not be in pain every day, to remember me, the real me.

    After spending 20+ years, thousands of dollars on hundreds of medical tests, doctor visits, inpatient hospital stays, and emergency room visits, being misdiagnosed and misinformed, I found Dr. Neville and Clymer Healing Center.

    I’ve been with Dr. Neville and Clymer Healing Center for 6 months and I’m seeing and feeling incremental improvements. I’m learning things each week and am feeling stronger.I still have a ways to go but for the first time, in a very long time, I’m hopeful.

    My only regret it that I didn’t find Dr. Neville sooner!