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Below is a long list of Clymer Healing Center reviews from Dr. Andrew Neville’s verified Adrenal Fatigue patients.


From Kelly V., Pennsylvania:

Before finding Dr. Neville and Clymer Healing Center, I was at the end. I was so fatigued, just lying there, giving up. I was going to every doctor you can imagine, including a psychiatrist and endocrinologist. My way of living was work hard without rest, and my body broke down. I was a runner and running served as a temporary fix. Then after the running, all the feelings would come back, and I’d get sicker and sicker.

I thought I was superwoman. I have the type A personality, as Dr. Neville knows. A lot of this may have been self-imposed with my personality.

That was my way of living until I found Clymer Healing Center. My entire life changed when I met Dr. Neville. I was depleted of everything, emotionally, nutritionally, and spiritually. Dr. Neville brought me back to where I needed to be. Before I knew him, I had a very self-mutilating, awful way of living. If only I can help just one person break that cycle when he or she reads this…

Before, I was on every possible psychiatric medication, but it was not helping because I was not mental. I was just sick. I was on so many meds. I was just trying to calm my nerves without knowing how to do it. It wasn’t my head; it was my whole body. The psychiatric aspect was the major part, and I thought I was going out of my mind.

Adrenal issues caused the depression and anxiety. I wanted to stop the panicky feeling.

Working with Dr. Neville is a joy. It’s like a burden taken off after many years, so much so I could cry in thanks. The pain lifted. I’m so grateful. He’s a wonderful man, and he’s real.

My life now is totally different. It’s completely turned around. Everything has changed, emotionally, spiritually, and behaviorally. I know now what to do when my immune system is out of balance. When I have the brain fog, I know to slow down. I’ve learned how to manage my life now when before, I’d beat myself up. My friends and family see a change, and they ask me what am I doing. I’m doing what Dr. Neville guided me to do!

Don’t hesitate to reach out and take that first step to freedom. Your life is well worth living. Mine is a great life now! Dr. Neville and the staff have been so supportive, compassionate, and loving. I just gave their number to someone. I could be their spokesperson! I have a supportive family, but it’s not like the support I get from Dr. Neville and Clymer Healing.


From Denise Lee, Virginia:

If I had to say one thing to anyone suffering as I was, it would be not to waste any more time. Don’t wait another week or month or year. Dr. Neville can help you, and it’s not a case of “if” he can help you, but “when” (and “when” is as soon as you start with him). Don’t waste any more time. The sooner you begin with him, the sooner you will start to heal, feel better, and take control of your life again.


From Teresa T., Virginia:

It was almost 30 years ago when I started getting very sick. I went to several MD doctors over the years and they all took blood and ran test that they said showed within the normal range. I was having many hypothyroid symptoms, but they all said the blood test showed normal. They never offered to check any hormonal levels. They gave me drugs that were meant to treat symptoms not the cause and hurt me and made me even sicker. They all suggested that I go see a psychiatrist as they thought it must me a mental issue since they could not find anything wrong.

The doctors tried antidepressants and lithium just in case I was bipolar which made me sicker and I had no warning spontaneous vomiting and diarrhea from those and could hardly stand up. My severe heat sensitivity began after one of these MD doctors gave me prednisone that hurt me so badly that it turned my world upside down again. It caused me to have another nervous breakdown which I again had to fight through with no help because I could still not tolerate any medications.

My illness and symptoms progressed and worsened over the years. For a lot of wasted years I researched about the mind and mental illness because that is the path all the doctors led me onto. I finally started searching about the body and how it worked and health in general from desperation after finding no help within mental health research. This led me to the discovery of adrenal and thyroid issues and what symptoms could be caused by their deficiency. Every symptom I had been having and was still having was on that list of symptoms!

I did not give up and continued my research and I was finally lucky enough to find Dr. Andrew Neville’s website about the Clymer Healing Center. After reading the entire website and testimonials I gave another doctor a chance and I am so glad that I did! I cried when I first heard Dr. Neville’s kind voice telling me that he knew and understood what I was going through because he too had suffered the same illness and had experienced some of the same symptoms. He told me there was hope and I could get better with proper care and time.

In a short few months with Dr. Neville’s care and recommendations I have seen improvement for the first time in my life and have gotten some quality of life back.

After only six months of Dr. Neville’s care for the first time in over five years I left my home! I went to see a movie and I tolerated the exhaust fumes on the highway and the people with fragrance, and I enjoyed a theater popcorn and a Pepsi! I know that popcorn and Pepsi is not on my good food list, but Dr. Neville says it is okay to cheat once and awhile. I did not go into fight or flight and did not have any bad repercussions during or after.

If you have any of the same symptoms as I do, and you have not been able to find any help from mainstream doctors, and have been told it must be all in your head you should take the time to read all about Dr. Neville and The Clymer Healing Center, and read the testimonials and watch the videos.

He had the same issues and healed himself and has healed countless others over the years. If you are willing to listen to him and follow his directions and do the work you can feel better. I am not 100% correct in all things that I do and Dr. Neville says that is okay, don’t stress over it. You will not be sorry you gave him a chance.


From Mary, Pennsylvania:

Dr. Neville takes the time to explain everything and listen. I now understand why I developed adrenal dysfunction and what I need to do to get better. He takes the time to explain in detail how the body works and how to interpret what your body is telling you. Of course, you have to be willing to share information, listen, and change. I feel so much more hopeful because I realize much of how I feel is under my control.


From Samantha P., New Hampshire:

I started my long distance relationship via telephone with the Clymer Healing Center. I found that I already had most of Dr. Neville’s lifestyle recommendations in place, as my own healing journey had been nearly 20 years in the making.

While I had made huge improvements with some aspects of my well-being, my health started to spin slowly out of control until my body finally gave out and collapsed while attending graduate school. I had found myself housebound with exhaustion. After an unsuccessful year of trying to unravel the mess, I was in by trying one healing modality after another.

At nearly 40 years of age, I had to officially quit my master’s program in acupuncture and integrative medicine and move cross-country to live with my parents in order to have my most basic needs met. Dr. Neville’s breadth of knowledge and compassion are beyond impressive. I have worked with numerous complementary doctors and natural healthcare providers for nearly 20 years and not a single one harnessed Dr. Neville’s breadth of knowledge, compassion, clinical experience and ability to fully grasp the complexities of this illness.

Because his practice is focused solely on adrenal dysfunction and CFS, I feel there is no better resource. Dr. Neville is an absolute godsend to the chronic fatigue community. If you have been self-navigating for years with little or no success, look no further.

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From Reese N., Illinois:

Once I contacted the Clymer Center, completed some non-invasive testing, and began Dr. Neville’s recommended supplement regimen, I experienced immediate improvement in my energy level, sleep, and brain function. The improvement continued as I changed my lifestyle, eating habits, and personal care product use. Dr. Neville was very helpful with managing my desire to “do more” with his “rule of the hand.” He is well qualified to guide your journey, as it is one he also has traveled.


Pat Gurnick, CLC, Colorado:

I have referred many of my clients from around the world to Clymer Healing Center and Andrew Neville, ND. As a team, he and I have helped them attain a better quality of life. I find his holistic treatment plan is most important in conjunction with my counseling services to guide one back to wellness. I help the client implement his recommendations, plus understand the lifestyle changes and better coping skills that are needed to achieve “remission.” Yes, remission is possible!!


From Melissa K., New Jersey:

I had struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as I could remember. I had periods where I felt like I was on top of the world; I was focused and felt like I could do anything. Then there were other times when I was extremely depressed and had a hard time getting out of bed. The fatigue was crippling; I would fall asleep whenever and wherever I could.

Then one day I had a conversation with Dr. Neville. For the first time, I felt like I was experiencing life in an entirely different way. I finally knew what it was like to feel “normal” and it was an incredible feeling. I cannot thank Dr. Neville enough; instead of treating my symptoms, he found a solution to the underlying problem and changed my life forever.

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From Aven S., Pennsylvania:

Don’t ignore what your body is telling you! The longer you ignore it, the longer you will take to heal. Going to Dr. Neville has given me hope that I can fix this problem and go back to living how I used to without worrying about my stomach. It has definitely helped me!”


From “Privacy Requested,” New Zealand:

From my very first phone consultation with Dr. Neville, I experienced warmth, empathy, respect and understanding that has not been equaled by any other. Dr. Neville patiently listened to what he must have heard countless times from other patients just like me. Yet it was as though I was his first. I was elated by his care. His own personal health experience had equipped him to be able to relate to every aspect of my disorder.

Bit by bit, Dr. Neville helped me recognize and understand my symptoms, make sense of my disorder, and learn how I could regain control of my life. My phone consultations were my lifeline. Just knowing there was someone who could and was willing to help me: Someone to throw me the buoy when I was drowning. At the end of a phone call or Skype session, I knew there was help. He was always there.


From Erin B., Pennsylvania:

It’s been over five years since I began seeing Dr. Neville, and I still have unavoidable stress in my life, both physical and emotional. The difference is that I now have the tools to handle stress. Dr. Neville gave me back my faith in my body to heal itself.


From “Privacy Requested, Florida:

There is quality in everything that the staff at Clymer does: from the kind, gentle tones of their voices, to each and every recommendation that they make. Thank you from the depths of my being.


From David A., Massachusetts:

Chronic fatigue is a very difficult condition to understand, assess, and to treat. Dr. Neville, his staff, and his predecessors have a proven track record of success that goes back decades. Their work is a blessing for us who, for whatever reason, find ourselves with compromised adrenal and immune systems, and the havoc this brings to our lives. While I am still a work in progress, I am so grateful for the progress! This would have been impossible without the Clymer Healing Center.

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From Amy E., Pennsylvania:

It was evident from our first visit that we were at a place where we were understood and accepted. The approach at Clymer would be gentle and manageable. Dr. Neville explained quite simply how CFS affects all body systems, and why so many different symptoms exist. The fact that food was an important part of recovery matched my beliefs as a nutritionist. Dr. Neville always reminded me that the process would take time, and it has, but every step in the direction of getting better has made possible by sensible treatment and supportive, caring health professionals.


From Colin R., Ohio:

Before discovering Dr. Neville and Clymer, I had suffered endless infections, grinding, unrelenting fatigue compounded by insomnia and anxious, fitful sleep, strange rashes, food allergies and sensitivities to everything under the sun. I had been to several other doctors, acupuncturists and chiropractors and while I did see some improvement after a dramatic change in diet the symptoms just seemed to morph rather than abate.

Dr. Neville and Clymer didn’t offer a “quick fix” miracle cure; he had a real understanding of the mechanisms behind this disease and a step by step approach to building me back up to restored health. I’m forever grateful for the work Dr. Neville has done for me. Mine is a life reclaimed. Thank you all at Clymer for doing what you do each day and offering yourselves so generously.

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From Robert H. Schmidt, D.O., AAEM diplomat:

Andrew Neville, ND, is one of the great Naturopaths of our time. I know this to be true since I have worked with him in a clinical setting of several physicians since 2004. If his excellent medical acumen doesn’t help heal you, his calm and sophisticated humor most likely will. I have personally seen him bring some very, very sick patients back from the brink to very good or even excellent health.


From Kelly, Pennsylvania:

Dr. Neville created a personal regimen for me to follow, and within weeks, I could feel improvement. He put me on a few supplements, suggested helpful diet changes and assisted me throughout dramatic lifestyle changes. No other clinician hinted at any aspect of Adrenal Fatigue. Dr. Neville was able to pinpoint so many symptoms and provide explanations. In looking at and treating me as a whole person, Dr. Neville has helped me begin a journey back to health and happiness. I am becoming more aware of my body, the stress that I can put on it and how this can affect me.


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