• I suffer from complex PTSD, panic and anxiety disorder, depression, fibromyalgia, raynauds disease, degenerative arthritis, brain fog, sorry term memory loss and thyroid issues as well as low blood pressure 100/60, weight gain, etc… but how am I suppose to get help when you don’t accept insurance and I don’t have money to pay. It’s like everything else only the rich can afford the help. That’s why I’m a guinea pig for all stupid testing they decide to trial on me. Futile.
    I struggle to function.

    • Hi Tracy. I am sorry to hear about your struggles, and your frustration with medical costs. Because Dr. Neville is a naturopathic doctor, and not an MD, he is unable to perform medical coding or diagnose, which is what is required for insurance purposes. It is unfortunate that it is still this way after so many decades of the PANP fighting to have naturopaths recognized more fully, after so many years of citizens disappointed by allopathic medicine, and after the millions of dollars spent nationally (and, in most cases, the thousands of dollars spent by each of us personally) on unnecessary and incorrect diagnoses, prescriptions, and treatments made by mainstream medicine. That being said, we do offer different payment plans to try and help in any way that we can. Wishing you our very best.

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