• I am 59. Lived a crazy full life of full contact martial arts, horse training and racing an 3 children. Loved it all. Started getting hurt. Back has 3 herniations. Each joint has been torn or damaged – but kept going. Had 9 pd babies. I’m 5’. But was in great shape. For 10 yrs I’ve had epidurals. Lived in pain meds to be able to work. But for some reason not addicted. I can stop without problems anytime. I’ve used every holistic thing I can get my hands on. I also have fibro. But when you fight 59 people a week an every inch of your body has been hit. Well it’s inevitable. I’ve had bladder reconstruct, endometriosis so had partial hysterectomy.
    So I stay depressed, in a fog, PTSD from a abusive husband.
    I’m exhausted. Trying HGH right now, various vitamins a round of ketamine for the depression. Plus I’ve had 11 concussions.
    Got anything for all this other than a bullet to the head. 👀
    Anyway I’ll wait to hear.

    • Hi Melanie!

      I’m sorry we missed this message. I’m so sorry you’re going through all that.

      Had you scheduled an appointment to speak with one of our Patient Coordinators? That’s the first step. If you’re having trouble with the scheduler here : https://www.healing.org/info/, I can help you manually.

      Anna 🙂

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