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  • Dear Dr. Neville, I’ve been suffering for years, from something unknown and undiagnosed, and have been going downhill rapidly. I’ve been seeing doctor after doctor, specialist aftet specialist, now I’m in the throws of a Mental health debaucle, where the drs are saying I have bipolar disorder, and theyve been treating me with antidepressants, anti anxiety , and anti seizure medivations for the past 20 yrs. I’ve been traumatized, by soooo many situations in my life, since childhood, and afterwards. I find it difficult to be sociable, to interact w/others, im stressed all the time. I can’t think straight, people are constantly on my case, because they claim I “Can’t do ANYTHING right “…..Im exhausted, from having to feel like im supposed to take care of everybody and ignore my own self and whats best for me. When I think about whats best for me and what i know in my heart to be true, it makes me feel guilty and selfish to the wants and needs of others😪😪😪, there have been times when im sooo tired, I just want my life to be over, or run away and hide, just so I can start my life over somewhere else where nobody knows me……then I read your article just now. I KNOW, Im almost positive that Im a classic case for adrenal gland fatigue. I currently take zoloft for depression, trazadone and melatonin, for sleep deprivation, trileptil and vimpat for seizures, and warfarin for dvt in my left leg, all this and more since my mother’s death in 2001. I live in Lodi, California, and have NO WAY, to come see you. I live on a fixed income, so I can’t afford high priced drs such as yourself. But, Im desperate, to climb out of this deep, dark hole that I am in. HELP ME PLEASE !!!!

    • Hi Carol. I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling this way. Patients of Dr. Neville’s are all over the world, you do not have to be local. He has appointments over the phone or via video conference. Please schedule a time to speak with one of our Patient Coordinators. This is a complimentary phone call to see how we can help you. You can self schedule here: Wishing you the best!